One of the most overlooked parts of preventative care for pets is their oral health. Did you know that most pets show signs of periodontal disease as early as the age of three? At Wintermere Pointe Animal Hospital, Dr. Santiago wants to help pet owners understand why dental care needs to be part of their pet's healthcare plan. If it has been a while since your furry friend had a dental checkup and you live in Winter Garden, Clermont, or Windermere, contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Pet Dental Care

Proper oral hygiene does much more than just keeping your pet's breath in check. Here are a few ways regular visits with a veterinarian for a checkup and cleaning can help.

Halitosis (bad breath) - Foul odors from your pet's mouth can be a sign of severe issues in the teeth or gums.

Tooth decay/tooth loss - Poor dental hygiene can result in severe tooth decay or tooth loss.

Pain in the mouth - Pets that have pain in the mouth can also have a reluctance to eat, which affects their overall health.

Damage to the organs - Periodontal disease not only affects the structures of the mouth, but bacteria can seep into the bloodstream. Harmful bacteria can affect major organs like the kidneys, lungs, and heart.

How Our Veterinarian Helps with Pet Dental Care

One of the best ways to promote good oral hygiene is to have a professional cleaning by a veterinarian. These services are performed with general anesthesia to focus under the gum line where bacteria breeds. We also take an extra step and discuss proper pet nutrition to facilitate healthy teeth and gums. At home, you can do your part by brushing your pet's teeth a few times per week. Our goal is to make sure that your pet's mouth stays healthy for years to come.

Call Our Veterinarian at Wintermere Pointe Animal Hospital

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